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    • The Spectator, December 1989 (periodical) 

      Brubaker, Tom; Spreng, Jennifer; Nomikos, George; Cullins, Carriker; Norman, Tracy; Tanis, Brian; Giles, Gary; Rock, Erik; Kranich, Charlges; Manley, Reid; Thompkins, Richard; Hill, Richard; Adams, Mike; O'Brien, Tom; Rorrer, Alice Rorrer; Golden, Greg|Williams, Claude (Welder, Ray, 1989)
    • The Spectator, March 1990 (periodical) 

      Balmer, Evan; Brubaker, Tom; Carriker, Cullins; Giles, Gary; Golden, Greg; Hill, Richard; Kinkead, Scott|Kranich, Charles; Manley, Reid; McCoy, Scott; Morrow, William; Nomikos, George; Norman, Tracy; O'Brien, Tom; Rock, Erick; Spreng, Jennifer; Tanis, Brian; Tompkins, Richard; Williams, Claude (Welder, Ray, 1990)